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Brake failure costs Abraham

Brake failure costs Abraham

The Cardion ab Motoracing rider’s Commercialbank Grand Prix of Qatar was cut disappointingly short by a technical problem.

A technical brake failure forced Karel Abraham to retire from the first race of the season in Qatar. Abraham was running in 11th position when he suddenly ran off track due to failure of his front brake. He later rejoined the race but the problem persisted and he was forced to withdraw from the race completely.

Karel Abraham:
"I feel really gutted about this - to lose a point because of a technical failure is a real shame. We still don’t know what caused it, but basically my front brake just stopped working. At the start it wasn’t too bad. The start itself certainly wasn’t the best ever, but I still managed to stay in touch with the group containing Rossi and Hayden. It was on the second lap that the brake problem first appeared – they just ‘went soft’. On the next lap, I pulled the lever back as far as it would go, but wasn’t getting maximum bite. For a while, I was hoping that ‘pumping’ the brakes might restore pressure, these sorts of problems do occur once in a blue moon. But the same thing happened again three times in five laps, once when I was going very fast – which forced me off the track – and I’m glad that things didn’t end a lot worse. I tried to change the brake settings to make them a bit stiffer, but this just gave me the opposite problem – they stiffened up completely. At that moment, it was better to pull out rather than risk taking a fall."

Marco Grana, Chief Mechanic:
"What happened today was a serious problem. What makes it really difficult is that we still can’t say what actually happened, because now everything works the way it should. The problem only came to light in race conditions. We know for a fact, however, that the problem does exist: it’s there in the telemetry data. The whole brake has now gone to back to the manufacturers – Brembo, and we’ll wait and see what they say. Frankly, at the moment I’m at a loss to know what it could’ve been. It’s a really unusual failure that you don’t come across very often. It’s a great pity, because if everything had been working, we would’ve been fighting for sixth place."

Cardion ab Motoracing press release

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