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Changes to the CEV Buckler 2013

Changes to the CEV Buckler 2013

In the quest for a championship with more rounds –without significantly increasing participant costs– the 2013 season will be made up of 7 rounds, with a total of 9 races in each category.

Although 28th April is still far away, planning for the CEV Buckler 2013 has already begun. For this reason, each category is entitled to ride two races at two of the rounds that are part of the CEV Buckler calendar. A calendar of events with details of when each of these double races will take place will be published in the coming weeks. In regard to the schedule, they will either take place on Sunday or over Saturday and Sunday.

The entry fee for events with two races will be the same as those with only one race. The same amount of prize money as a single race event will be awarded at double race events, where it will be divided between the two races.

Another change in the new CEV Buckler season is that Superstock 600 motorbikes will be allowed to participate in the Moto2™ class. Regulations for this will be published soon.

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