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Moriwaki promises ‘aggressive’ development

Moriwaki promises ‘aggressive’ development

Moriwaki is promising an aggressive strategy for developing its motorcycle in a bid to eventually be on terms with Moto2™ rival constructors such as Kalex and Suter.

The Japanese company is currently working with the IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia outfit which runs a sole bike for Yuki Takahashi. Pleased with the progress made since the first Moto2 season in 2010, Midori Moriwaki (Senior Managing Director of Moriwaki) is encouraged by the challenge.

"This is a new challenge for us," Moriwaki tells "Since 2010 we have had some very good results. After 2011 and 2012 we decided that we had to do something very different, building a new foundation for the project.

"That is why we are focussing on one team, with the Idemitsu Team. This is a very big challenge and we are making very good progress. We are expecting difficult results, but it is a step-by-step process."

En route to the top of the intermediate class, the company hopes to expand its portfolio in the way of signing contracts with other teams on the grid.

"Of course, that is our final target," Moriwaki continues. "To expand our share as a manufacturer. But of course we constantly need to have good results and to be making good progress.

"We are focussing on being more aggressive, I would say. With some of those new parts it is still very confidential, so I cannot say exactly at the moment (laughs), but I would say it is going to be very different to all of the other manufacturers."

So far this season, Takahashi’s best race result is that of Austin, Texas, where he finished 19th in a 31-rider field.

Moto2, 2013

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