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GP Commission announcement on current and 2014 rules

GP Commission announcement on current and 2014 rules

The Grand Prix Commission, in a meeting held on 15th. June 2013 in Catalunya, made the following decisions regarding MotoGP™ technical and sporting regulations.

Technical regulations:

MotoGP Class - Effective Immediately

Currently riders may choose to change up to two sets of their rain tyres for an alternative specification only after the first wet practice session. In future they will be permitted to change to the alternative specification at any time during the event.

MotoGP Class - Effective 2014

It was previously agreed that in 2014 Manufacturers using the official ECU but their own software will have the specification of their five permitted engines frozen for the season. The specification remains frozen if extra engines are introduced.

The GPC agreed the procedure to be followed by Technical control to monitor and enforce the frozen specification.

Sporting Regulations

Moto2 Class- Effective Immediately

The maximum age limit for wild card riders in the Moto2 class has been cancelled.

All Categories- Effective 2014

In line with other FIM Championships, flag signals will always be made by the waving of flags. Previously there were situations where a stationery flag was displayed and this option is cancelled.

Other Matters

Various other issues affecting the MotoGP class, including amendments to the claiming rule and the details of Electronics (ECU) regulations for 2014 were discussed. Final decisions on these matters have been postponed to the next meeting scheduled for 29th. June in Assen.

A regularly updated version of the FIM Grand Prix Regulations which contains the detailed text of the regulation changes may be viewed here. (


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