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Doctors advise Lorenzo that rest is best

Doctors advise Lorenzo that rest is best

World Champion Jorge Lorenzo underwent further medical tests on Tuesday, following his shoulder surgery at the weekend, with doctors advising him that rest is best and that any decision to ride at Laguna Seca is entirely up to him.

His additional surgery at the weekend on his broken collarbone after crashes at Assen and the Sachsenring means that a period of rest and recuperation is advised, but of course with vital championship points in play, Lorenzo may be keen to return sooner rather than later.

Doctors observed that his immediate post-surgery recuperation is going well but he has been advised that risking another crash could be costly.

Lorenzo has already stated via his official Twitter account that he intended to return to action at Indianapolis in August but his crew have travelled to Laguna Seca, should he decide to return this weekend. Indeed his teammate Valentino Rossi stated a personal opinion during the Sachsenring weekend that ‘Jorge will be there’ for Round 9 in California.

Following Lorenzo’s medical examination at Catalunya General Hospital on Tuesday, Dr. Marc Cots commented: “His injury is healing well and looks completely normal. The plate we inserted is well positioned and we’re pleased with the progress the injury is making. Jorge is physically capable of riding again now, just as he did at Assen immediately after his previous surgery.

“However, our advice is to be cautious and avoid the risk of another crash, but the decision on when to return is entirely up to him and I suppose he’ll make that decision soon.”


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