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Bridgestone to introduce new tyre at Brno

Bridgestone to introduce new tyre at Brno

MotoGP™ tyre supplier Bridgestone has announced that it will be taking a brand-new Hard compound rear tyre to the upcoming Czech Grand Prix on the weekend of 23rd-25th August.

Bridgestone currently develops four rear tyre compounds: Extra-Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard. Following the start of the 2013 campaign, it was quickly noted that the majority of riders did not favour the Hard compound with their new bikes.

“Early in the season it was evident that a strong preference among the riders for the Soft and Medium compound rear slicks was occurring and the Hard compound rear slick was not being used often,” explains Masao Azuma, Chief Engineer for Bridgestone’s Motorsport Tyre Development Department.

“For whatever reason - be it an evolution in bike design or electronic controls - our current Hard compound rear slick isn’t popular with riders this year, so we set about developing a new hard rubber compound. Until this change could be properly tested and introduced into the allocation, it was agreed that riders could choose a greater number of softer rear slicks at each race weekend.”

Azuma now confirms that the new rear tyre will be appearing at Brno:

“We are planning to introduce our new Hard compound rear slick tyre at the Czech Republic Grand Prix next month and are hopeful that this new tyre will be well received. Bridgestone, Dorna and IRTA have come to an agreement that riders on MSMA machines (non-‘CRT’ entries) can select up to eight softer rear tyres from the Czech Republic GP to the last race, regardless of the effectiveness of the new Hard compound.”

The MotoGP™ season is currently on hold, with the action then resuming with a triple-header of Indianapolis, Brno and Silverstone between Friday 16th August and Sunday 1st September.

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