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Remus Racing Team confident following test

Remus Racing Team confident following test

Confidence levels have been boosted at Remus Racing Team following a test session in the Czech Republic, preceding its race debut as a CRT wildcard with Martin Bauer later this month.

The test took place last week, as the Remus Racing Team outfit - run by S & B Motorsport - shared the Brno circuit with Yamaha Factory Racing riders Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi. Later in August, the squad will become the first ever Austrian outfit to compete in the premier class of the World Championship.

“We could have performed a lot better and are quite capable of performing well in MotoGP,” comments Bauer, who hails from Vienna. “Being only three seconds behind Rossi in testing…not bad at all. You have to remember that the course at Brno is almost twice as long as the Sachsenring. Three seconds is not a long time for such a long distance.

"Naturally, I rode behind Rossi and Lorenzo a few times and watched how they positioned their bikes and where they are faster. It was interesting to see that they can’t work magic either. At the entrance or at the top of the curve there isn’t much between us, though there is a world of difference accelerating out of the corner. They have great traction and the bikes don’t hop, even with such tremendous power. Nothing shakes at all. The mechanical grip that they get from their chassis tuning is gigantic."

During the test, Bauer trialled a new clutch on his Suter-BMW which is hoped to enable better starts.

"Essentially, we have our work cut out for us before the Grand Prix, but it’s better to have small problems now than at the performance," adds Head Mechanic Fritz Schwarz. "I’ve put together a second bike for Martin that on the first attempt went as well as the one we tested. This shows that it still has a lot of potential."

37-year-old Bauer’s World Championship debut at Brno will come on 25th August.

MotoGP, 2013

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