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Jarvis on NGM: "We’ll lease the engine, frame and swingarm"

Jarvis on NGM: 'We’ll lease the engine, frame and swingarm'

Yamaha Factory Racing’s Managing Director, Lin Jarvis, has further clarified the 2014 lease deal with the NGM Mobile Forward Racing outfit, outlining both what parts are set to be leased to the team, and what his thoughts are on the team’s riders for next year.

He commented on the technical package: “We’ve reached a verbal agreement with NGM already for the M1 engine lease for next season. So basically we will announce it formally soon, but it will be a one-year agreement.

“For the first year we’ve decided to help the team, to help them start up. We will additionally lease the frame, and the swingarm. So basically the engine, frame, swingarm, but all the other components – the airbox, the exhaust, the radiator, the wheels, suspension, brakes – everything else has to be sourced by the team.

“My understanding is that the team has a relationship with FTR, so together we will help the team, we’ll help FTR develop the bike, so that if they continue in 2015, they would be…say…fully self sufficient.”

Under such an agreement, the NGM outfit would run the Magneti Marelli Dorna spec software, which Jarvis believes could offer the team some advantages, following some in-house testing this month. He added: “We’re busy doing those tests right now actually, in the month of August, and indeed it’s the big difference…That gives them the benefit of the extra fuel – the four litres extra – so there will be some circumstances next year where I think that bike will potentially be quicker than ours. So it will be an interesting championship. Maybe in the pure top speed and acceleration they may have an advantage in some circuits especially, but the software [of the Factory Yamahas] may make the difference in some circuits where control is more important than the pure power.”

And with regards to NGM’s rider choice for next year, Jarvis concluded: “Obviously if we have some access to be able to see more riders on a Yamaha we can judge better their performance and their ability. So we always have an interest in new younger riders for the future, but really for next year or any future season, the choice of the rider depends entirely on the team because it’s their operation with their own sponsors and their own management. So we have no input and that’s entirely up the team themself.”

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