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Tour the MotoGP™ paddock as a Fantasy Manager winner!

Tour the MotoGP™ paddock as a Fantasy Manager winner!

There was a special guest at Silverstone, as Rebecca Pittman graced the MotoGP™ paddock as proud winner of the 2012 MotoGP™ Fantasy Manager. More great prizes can still be won in the ongoing 2013 edition!

Two weekends ago, the British Grand Prix came as a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Rebecca. Having claimed the Fantasy Manager crown last year, she chose Silverstone as the weekend on which he would be able to tour the paddock and pit lane and have photos taken with her favourite riders. There was also full access to the VIP Village and refreshments all across the weekend at the legendary British circuit.

Describing her experience, Rebecca spoke with

When did you first get interested in MotoGP? Which are your best memories and do you have any favourite riders?

The most memorable race that really grabbed me was watching Valentino Rossi win the very wet Donington GP (in 2005)! Amazing! How fast and graceful he was through all that rain and mist, while everyone else was struggling, was unbelievable. After that I was a fan of Rossi. MotoGP opened up bike racing to me and I started watching British Superbikes, World Superbikes and American Superbikes. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for Ben Spies to become a favorite. So since 2010, when Spies came into Tech3, I’ve been supporting him as well, but as all of my road bikes have been Yamahas I am a big fan of their teams. I then slowly started watching Moto2 and Moto3 (and before, when they were 125 and 250) as I got British Eurosport. Now I’m hooked and record all the races even when I’m away. Motorbike racing is the most mesmerizing in my eyes, as you can see the rider fighting and controlling their bike around the track. It’s so much more personal.

Tell us a bit about your experience with the MotoGP™ Fantasy Manager game. When did you first start to play and what do you like about it? Which are your favourite features?

I first started playing in 2011, just off and on. It took a little while to figure it all out and how to create competitive teams. Then in 2012, I realized I was doing really well around May, so I started to try to win in earnest! It was hard! There are a lot of players out there in the world trying to win, so I paid intense attention to it and made sure I had a good gap between me and the next team so they could not surprise me over the last few races! I like the fact I’m playing people from other countries and how complex the game is; there are so many choices to make and sometimes the smallest ones were the most important. I enjoyed the 2012 season, as you had more choices in helmets, gloves and so on, plus special equipment for each race.

What are the secrets to a successful MotoGP™ Fantasy Manager campaign? What tips can you share with the game regulars and first-timers alike?

 Secrets? Be prepared to really play your socks off! There are so many people that want to win. When I did, it was unreal - especially to think I was first in the entire world! The top tip is to check your team after every race weekend - this is because their skills change, especially if riders crash out or finish quite a bit worse than they normally do. If you don’t, other teams beat you when you are not playing. Also try to swap your equipment around.

How was it experiencing the MotoGP™ paddock first hand? What impressed you the most?

I do not have words to express how amazing and exhilarating being in the paddock was! As I said, the real sounds and smells bring everything to life rather than watching it on TV. It was like being at a great music concert: the rumble and growl of the engines works its way up through your feet into your heart. Yamaha has it right - it Revs Your Heart! I could not believe how beautiful the bikes were up close, how detailed the paint and decals were and how awesome the equipment was. Watching, hearing and feeling the bikes being warmed up prior to qualifying was surreal. I was impressed at how quite and intense Jorge Lorenzo’s team were just before he got on his bike to leave the pit. As he prepared, everyone stopped and was so still, and then he walked to his bike and they all came to life. I was so happy to see him fight and win the next day.

If you fancy an exclusive VIP trip to the MotoGP™ paddock, as experienced by Rebecca, you can still sign up for the 2013 MotoGP™ Fantasy Manager. Prizes include official t-shirts signed by the riders, grandstand tickets and, of course, the change to enjoy a fantastic visit to the paddock at the 2014 race of your choice.

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