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Dunlop provides new Moto2™ tyre for Australia

Dunlop provides new Moto2™ tyre for Australia

Following a resurfacing since the last year’s World Championship visit and with higher grip levels expected, the track surface will be a talking point at Phillip Island this weekend. 

In preparation for the Tissot Australian Grand Prix tyre suppliers Dunlop are providing a new specification rear tyre for the Moto2™ class at the demanding island venue.
Last weekend saw lap records broken in both Moto2™ and Moto3™ races at Sepang and, while ambient temperatures and humidity should be easier for teams and riders this weekend, the track temperatures are expected to be among the highest of the season - generated from the five right and seven left turns on the 4.4km track.
The sequence of fast left hand corners in the last sector of the lap are expected to bring temperature up on the left side, particularly for the rear tyres, while that on the right side will remain relatively low.
While most of the tyres were shipped by sea from Dunlop’s factory, the new specification rear for Moto2 has been air-freighted. This next-generation rear is an asymmetric compound to meet the needs of the Phillip Island track and has been designed using data from previous Moto2 events. 
A further factor at Phillip Island will be the weather which tends to be very changeable and could add to the championship mix. 
Clinton Howe, Operations Manager Motorcycle Grand Prix for Dunlop, states “When we come to Phillip Island, the only thing that surprises us is if we have a weekend of fine weather. I cannot remember a time where we have not seen four seasons within one weekend. Needless to say, the teams and riders will be expecting much of the same.”
“It will be another interesting weekend for our engineers as we learn what the new track surface has to offer. Whatever happens this weekend, it really does look like both championships are going to go right to the end.”


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