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Reuters: Let’s not compare Marquez and Rossi says Spencer

Marc Marquez's maiden MotoGP world title at the age of only 20 is great news for the profile of the sport, according to Freddie Spencer, the man whose record the Spaniard broke to become the youngest ever champion on Sunday. However, Spencer also insists the young champion should not yet be compared to former Champion Valentino Rossi – as report global news giants Reuters.
Interviewed by telephone on Sunday morning U.S. time, Spencer was up early in Santa Monica, California, to watch the historic Jorge Lorenzo vs Marquez showdown at Valencia.
Spencer, who won his first premier-class crown in 1983 at the age of 21, told Reuters, "Marc is very young, very dynamic and a very likeable kid, a good kid. He loves to ride and loves to race and that shows and I think that bodes well for MotoGP. Marc has won world championships on multiple bikes which is one of the barometers but to compare their talent I think would be unfair to Marc and unfair to Valentino at this point. That's a lot of expectation to put on Marc."

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