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Herrin and Zarco test Caterham at Almeria

Herrin and Zarco test Caterham at Almeria

The Caterham Moto Racing Team arrived at the Almeria circuit for two further days of Moto2™ testing on Monday, enabling both Josh Herrin and Johann Zarco to gain more seat time and make progress with their base set up information before the winter break.

Both riders were on the pace quickly on Monday - and during the day on Tuesday  Zarco will test the 2014 Suter chassis, providing vital comparison data for the team. The two riders also rode in a test at Jerez last week, as the Caterham Moto2™ project continues to gain ground.
Frenchman Zarco commented, "I am feeling good because I was fast straight away on Monday and even though it is cold, on this track it is still possible to be fast. I set the bike to get a better feeling and then we played with the new tyres to see how much we would improve. On the first set of new tyres there was not a big difference but on the second set we made more changes and my lap time improved a lot."
He added, "I am happy that we will test the 2014 bike, so with the good feeling from today, I hope to find some differences between the two chassis and give good comments."
Teammate Herrin stated, "It was nice to learn another track on Monday and I managed to do over 80 laps, so I had even more time to get used to Moto2 bike and the new suspension. The more I ride, the more fun I have and the times are coming which makes it even more enjoyable."


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