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Kotha Nozane could leave Moto2™ before season even begins

Kotha Nozane could leave Moto2™ before season even begins

The sudden death of his father has forced young Japanese rider Kotha Nozane to rethink his career. His team boss, Luca Montiron, is planning to go to Japan to discuss the status of the project, which was set to take Nozane into this year's Moto2™ World Championship.

At 18, Kotha Nozane is living through one of the toughest stages of his life, following the sudden death of his father a few days ago. This tragedy, which leaves the family in a tough situation, has triggered Nozane’s decision to drop his career and, therefore, Luca Montiron’s project and the JiR team.

Nozane, whose career was linked to Yamaha, last year rode in the Japanese J-GP2 championship with the Webike Team Norick Yamaha outfit, led by Mitsuo Abe, father of the late Norifumi, as well as taking part as a wild card in Moto2™ at Motegi. He then also replaced Mike di Meglio in the Australian and Valencian GP.

Luca Montiron will soon travel to Japan to meet Nozane and to understand more about his environment. This is to help examine the possibility of still going ahead with the project that would initially have a duration of three years.

"I want to go to Japan," Montiron explains. "First to show my condolences to the family, and partly to see Kotha’s situation first-hand. This time is certainly delicate for him and he is understandably very concerned - but we will try to find a solution.

"With Nozane we had planned a very interesting project for the next three years. I have extensive experience with Japanese riders, having worked with Ukawa, Tamada, Nakano – I’ve had Japanese sponsors. I have a great passion for this country and I want to continue to support its riders. Testing will resume shortly, so we must make a quick decision."

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