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Speedweek: 'KTM open to 2016 Moto2™ entry'

Pit Beirer, KTM’s Head of Motorsport, has spoken to German publication Speedweek, saying that the brand is considering entering the Moto2™ class from 2016 on, should the regulations be opened up and multiple engine manufacturers allowed. It is alleged that the brand would like to enter a 500cc two cylinder, thereby matching the 250cc cylinder capacity of the Moto3™ and MotoGP™ classes. This, according to Beirer, would however not be set in stone, and a 600cc four-cylinder entry could also be a possibility – as long as there is room for manufacturer competition.

Weighing in to the Moto2™ regulations discussion is Eskil Suter or Suter Racing, who told Speedweek that a 750cc three-cylinder engine could compete in the Moto2™ series as well against the current 600cc (with matching power characteristics), thereby opening the door to further manufacturers. Regulations will be set early this year, as any significant changes in regulations will require a development period of two years for any current or aspiring manufacturers.

MotoGP, 2014

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