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Dunlop to evaluate new tyre options in Australia

Dunlop to evaluate new tyre options in Australia

Since being resurfaced in 2013, Phillip Island’s abrasive surface has warranted bespoke development for tyres for top level motorcycle classes.

For Moto2™, Dunlop is taking nine specifications of rear tyre to test at the Australian track with a goal of finding the best two race options for all riders, in terms of suitability for the surface while maintaining the improved pace of 2013. Testing will take place over three days from 3 March.

During the winter period, Dunlop’s designers have created tyres with new low heat generation and heat resistant compounds as well as new tread constructions. New belt materials have been used, although the cord itself is already proven in Dunlop's latest race products. The new solutions have already been extensively tested by Dunlop’s own test team at both the company's Mireval Proving Grounds in France and also on high-speed durability testing equipment. All the tyre specifications have shown a significant improvement in durability.

Four bikes and riders will all test the nine options. Ambient temperatures are expected to reach around 35 degrees centigrade – some ten degrees higher than expected for the October race. Two race distance runs will then be carried out using a variety of specifications to determine the most appropriate options for 2014’s Phillip Island race. The tyres selected may also be used for the Sachsenring event, which has similar loads in the high-speed corners.

The Phillip Island development is part of Dunlop’s programme of Moto2™ tyre evolution. Midway through the 2013 season, low heat generation technology was introduced and all four Moto2™ rear tyres will benefit from this for the 2014 season. There is also a new Extra Hard front option that many riders have asked for.

Dunlop is also supplier to the Moto3™ category. Moto3™ riders had no issues in the 2013 Phillip Island race, despite the aggressive track surface. Moto3™ was the only category that was able to run a full race distance. It has therefore been decided to use the same specification for 2014.

Nigel Nock, Dunlop’s Manager for motorcycle tyre Design and Development:
"Since the race in October, Dunlop's design and manufacturing teams have focused on the development of compounds and constructions that either generate less heat, or are more resilient to heat in long, fast corners in hot conditions. Our objective is to work through the nine test options in order to select two specifications that can operate across the wide range of track conditions that we could experience in October this year."

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