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Race Director explains Nakagami disqualification

Race Director explains Nakagami disqualification

Mike Webb, Race Director of the MotoGP™ World Championship, has explained the decision to disqualify Takaaki Nakagami from the Moto2™ race in Qatar.

Nakagami crossed the line in second position at Losail but after the race a technical control of his bike detected the use of a non-regulation air intake system.

As Webb explains, “It’s the same after every race, we have a technical control and the technical director brought a report to Race Direction to say that one of the bikes had failed that technical check. Having received that report we had a hearing and there we confirmed that there was something wrong with the air intake system on Nakagami’s bike so the decision of Race Direction is to disqualify him from the results. In technical issues it’s black and white, it either passes the test or it doesn’t, and it didn’t pass, it’s not within the specification so there is no choice. It’s disqualification.”

Webb also commented that the matter had arisen from an error on behalf of IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia, saying, “It was a simple mistake. They fitted a part onto the bike which was not the same specification as the part that the rule book says you must use. They misunderstood they way it was written and they thought the other part would be allowed. It was a misunderstanding but unfortunately the part they used was against the regulations.”

The Race Director then also detailed the post-control process for decision making and the right to appeal by the team. He concluded, “Regarding the system for the decision, the team appealed against the decision as they didn’t agree with the Race Direction decision of course, so they had the right to appeal to the FIM. Then the FIM separately hears the same case, to see if they agree and whether they uphold the decision or not. They (FIM) announced that they upheld the Race Direction decision, so our decision stands and the race result has been changed.”

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