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The surname is Sheene and he rides for fun

The surname is Sheene and he rides for fun

Barry Sheene was a racing idol in the 1970s and his son Freddie Sheene recently made an appearance in the FIM CEV Repsol – with his goal simply being to have some fun!

Sheene senior was a double World Champion who won 23 Grands Prix and entertained the world with his larger-than-life persona.

Big shoes to fill indeed, but for his son Freddie he is not striving to emulate his father’s success. Sheene junior rode in Jerez in the first FIM CEV Repsol race of the year but still had time for a quick chat about his participation in the Moto2™ race on a Yamaha machine.

Freddie, welcome to the FIM CEV Repsol! It is a nice surprise to see you here. What made you decide to compete this year?

I started doing some track days in the UK and I met Mark, the team owner. He has given me the opportunity to ride over here and I guess he decided on the FIM CEV Repsol because he has run some bikes here previously and the weather is good!

You have mentioned that you actually have very little racing experience…

I did my first race last year, at Donington, and have done a couple more this year to get my licence. Now I am here doing the FIM CEV Repsol with Moto2 guys.

Do you have a goal with your racing?

I am 26 this year, so I don’t have goals and I don’t plan to progress to a bigger level than this. I just take it as it comes and I’m just enjoying riding, really. That’s all it is to me: having fun and getting on a bike.

What has made you start this, at your current age?

When I was younger, I wasn’t so involved with bikes and my dad didn’t push me into anything with it. I went to boarding school when I was younger, so I didn’t really grow up through bikes. Later on in life, when I was about 20, I went over to the UK. A lot of my friends were into racing and I started to gain a lot from watching the sport. Then last year I started riding and I really enjoy it.

How difficult is it to ride when you are a Sheene?!

[Smiles] I wouldn’t say it is difficult! You always have eyes on you, watching and that, but I don’t feel any pressure because I’m doing it for my own reasons and the main reason is to have fun. Anyone can look in from the outside and I think that I am doing it because I think I’m going to be the next Barry Sheene, but I’m not. I am realistic and I know where I might be able to end up, but at the moment I am just riding for fun to see how it goes.

MotoGP, 2014

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