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Dr. Xavier Mir shares update on Pedrosa

Dr. Xavier Mir shares update on Pedrosa

Dr. Xavier Mir believes Dani Pedrosa will be able to take part in next weekend’s Monster Energy Grand Prix de France, with the Repsol Honda Team rider having undergone surgery for arm pump on Tuesday afternoon.

Having been in pain en route to third place during last weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, Pedrosa underwent an operation at Barcelona’s Quiron Dexeus University Hospital.

"Over the last few Grands Prix, Dani has had a few problems, so we have decided to go down the route of physiotherapy and see how he was feeling," Dr. Mir explains to "He has decided to get the problem sorted out properly."

Going on to discuss whether Pedrosa’s participation in the French event will be affected, Dr. Mir continued:

"There’s a bit of a margin. Right now, he’s got a week of being immobile and in a cast. From next Monday it will be healing and he can began the rehabilitation. He certainly won’t be 100% for Le Mans, but providing there are no complications over the next few days he will definitely be on-track there."

The doctor went on to explain that this was not the first operation on Pedrosa’s right forearm, with similar surgery having taken place 12 years ago.

"He was practically a child at the time and so the diameter of the wrist has obviously expanded since then," Dr. Mir begins to conclude. "So now he has basically grown up and after 12 years he’s now started to get trouble with it again."

With the next destination on the MotoGP™ World Championship calendar being Le Mans in France, Pedrosa is returning to a venue at which he claimed victory in 2013.

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