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Carmelo Ezpeleta talks MotoGP™ with Motorcycle Racer

The ideal number of riders in MotoGP™ is 22 and the spectacle will be better if overall running costs are lowered – but without having to convince anybody, according to Carmelo Ezpeleta who speaks with Motorcycle Racer magazine.

"(The aim) is not to attract more teams," explains the CEO of Dorna Sports, commercial rights holders to the World Championship since 1992. "We have enough teams. We have 23 riders and our ideal number is 22 because this gives value to the participants. What I hope is to have those 22 riders, but with more manufacturers. That’s very important: the consolidation of the existing teams in an economical way. I think, if the cost is reduced, the show will be better and the championship will be a possibility for privateer teams."

On ‘convincing’ teams to follow Open rules from 2016: "I will not try to convince anybody! If you try to convince somebody of something, then later on you will have a problem. The only way to convince them is not to convince them – just present a set of rules that make it interesting and possible for them to compete in MotoGP™."

MotoGP, 2014

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