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Quartararo breaks records at a FIM CEV Repsol round where Raffin won in Moto2 and Noyes in Superbike

Quartararo breaks records at a FIM CEV Repsol round where Raffin won in Moto2 and Noyes in Superbike

The fourth event of the FIM CEV Repsol was held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in mild temperatures under an overcast sky, with Quartararo in Moto3™, Raffin in Moto2™, Noyes in Superbike and Llorens in the Kawasaki Z Cup celebrating wins in front of 22,000 fans.

Fabio Quartararo (FRA-Honda) yet again won in Moto3™ after pulling clear and lapping alone from the outset. Never too far behind during the 16-lap race came Hiroki Ono (JAP-TSR/Honda), Jorge Navarro (SPA-Ioda-Honda) and Marcos Ramírez (SPA-KTM) fighting an ongoing battle for second position. Finally it took a photo-finish to separate second and third: Navarro won out by a mere thousandth of a second over Ono. Gabriel Rodrigo (SPA-KTM), Andrea Migno (ITA-Kalex), Remy Gardner (AUS-KTM) and occasionally Loris Cresson (BEL-FTR-Honda) provided similar thrills with their constant overtaking. A fall at the very first turn left María Herrera (SPA-Honda) out of the points.

The second Moto3 race began at 1:20, with Fabio Quartararo (FRA-Honda) living up to expectations: after a hard fought early stage, he went on to dominate the race. Behind, riding wheel to wheel, came the fastest young riders in the category: Jorge Navarro (SPA-Ioda-Honda), Hiroki Ono (JAP-TSR/Honda), Gabriel Rodrigo (SPA-KTM), Marcos Ramírez (SPA-KTM), Bradley Ray (GBR-FTR/KTM), Andrea Migno (ITA-Kalex) and María Herrera (SPA-Honda). The Japanese rider of Honda Team Asia earned second place on the podium with an outstanding performance involving numerous breathtaking passing manoeuvers. Crossing the line 0.065 seconds behind him in third place was Jorge Navarro (SPA-Ioda-Honda).

The Moto2 race began with a red flag because of a fall involving three riders. With the race shortened to nine laps, and with no time to lose, the riders set out on the attack. Jesko Raffin (SWI-Kalex), Florian Alt (GER-Kalex) and Steven Odendaal (RSA-Speedup) dominated the race between them, alternating the lead until the last lap, when Alt took the initiative to pull ahead. Just when it seemed that the German was home free, Raffin made an incredible passing move to take the top slot of the podium. The fastest Superstock 600 rider was Ferrán Casas (SPA-Yamaha), ahead of Berthin Thibaut (FRA) and John Simpson (GBR-Kawasaki).

In Superbike, Carmelo Morales (SPA-Kawasaki) arrived at his favorite track determined to put his scoreless performance at MotorLand Aragon behind him, and throughout the race he either led or pressurized rival Kenny Noyes (USA-Kawasaki). However, with three laps remaining the Team Calvo rider went down a few curves after taking the lead, leaving the checkered flag for Noyes. Second and third place were decided a few meters from the end, with Daniel Rivas (SPA-BMW) beating Iván Silva (SPA-BMW) to the finish line, though Silva is now second in the overall rankings. The best privateer rider was Alejandro Esteban (SPA-Kawasaki), followed by Alexander Mateos (SPA-Suzuki) and Alejandro Martínez (SPA).

Pere Llorens (SPA) won the Kawasaki Z Cup race in his debut this season. He was joined on the podium by Joan Sardanyons (SPA) and Jose Jiménez (SPA). The KZC riders are now on vacation until the next race at the Circuit of Navarre in September.

The next round of the FIM CEV Repsol will take place at Albacete Circuit on 5th and 6th July, where the fourth meeting of the season will be held.

MotoGP, 2014

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