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Lorenzo: ‘I hope to stay at Yamaha all my career’

Lorenzo: ‘I hope to stay at Yamaha all my career’

In a lengthy interview for the Italian Sky Sport MotoGP HD show “I Signori della MotoGP” Jorge Lorenzo has given his opinion on his past and present rivals and has reaffirmed his desire to stay at Yamaha for the rest of his career.

The Movistar Yamaha MotoGP rider comments, "I think it is normal for any rider to have the curiosity to try other bikes, especially if they are faster or more competitive. But in life, I believe a lot in confidence and when people show confidence in you, even in difficult times, you have to repay their faith."

Lorenzo’s interview with the Italian show will be broadcast on Monday at 8.30pm local time.

Commenting further on whether he has been tempted to switch from Yamaha in the past, he expands, “I had the chance to change bikes in both 2009 and 2012, but ultimately decided to stay, because of the faith I had in myself, because of the financial offer and because of a very competitive bike, which is the most important thing, because we’re here to win, both Yamaha and I.”

“In addition to those aspects, there is also the human side, being comfortable with the team, and the trust we spoke about, which is very important and has always made me choose Yamaha. I hope to stay with Yamaha forever, it would be nice to say I've never changed teams in MotoGP. Few riders can do it.”

Lorenzo was also asked about his relationship with his teammate Valentino Rossi. He responded, “I’ve always thought we are here to achieve results and to win. It’s not a popularity contest. I don’t think we have time for social life and for making friends in the paddock. We are in the paddock to win, to try to improve in order to win. But it is also important to treat your teammates and the riders who have the same bike as you well, so that you have a good relationship and open dialogue in order to allow you to grow and improve. Also, that sometimes means you can compare your feelings with your teammate’s. I think Vale and I make a great team, not just because of our talent and how we perform on the track, but also because of our experience, which helps us to give feedback to Yamaha to make a better bike. "

On the subject of his rivals on track, including Rossi, former World Champion Casey Stoner and his compatriots Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez – and who is the hardest to beat – Lorenzo states: “All four are very strong, but certainly the most difficult to overcome are Marquez and Vale because they never accept defeat and always try to win every race, even if they are not well positioned or the track is not their favorite. With Pedrosa and Stoner, who are both extremely fast, if they have problems during the weekend or during the race, they prefer to be second or third and get the points. While Marquez and Vale are very good when it comes to improving, never giving up and always trying to win the race. They are all different, but in a race, when you fight one on one, the most difficult to beat are always Vale and Marc.”

Finally, reflecting on last year’s title race where the 2010 and 2012 World Champion defended his crown until the last race at Valencia he comments, “I can’t say I have a bad memory about that, because being the runner-up is an important achievement in MotoGP. But obviously if you win a title and then a second, you want to win the third. But if you don’t win it, it’s not a big drama, certainly not as much of a drama. I think the season we had after two crashes and two injuries, braking the collarbone, being able to win eight races and getting only four points less than Marc was amazing. The points are what counts to win the title but equally important is how you ride, how you fight and having nothing to regret.”

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