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Rossi reflects on security after Aragon crash

Rossi reflects on security after Aragon crash

Following Thursday’s Motul Grand Prix of Japan press conference Valentino Rossi provided an interview to the Italian Sky Sport MotoGP HD programme ‘Paddock Pass Show’.

Have you recovered from your crash at Aragon?

“Yes, I'm fine. It was a big crash, but two hours later I was fine, no problems, I remember everything. Let’s say I had a little concussion, but everything is fine. I’m the same as before. In any case I’m not better than I was before, perhaps it could have been a good opportunity!”

Did the bike hit you during the crash?

“Yes, I think the bike gave me a big knock. It was the rear tyre of the bike because as I fell I took a hit, but I remember it well. But then, I think, the wheel hit me from behind on the right and that was the blow that knocked me out.”

So, you lost consciousness?

“Yeah, maybe for one minute. I took a little nap!”

But now you're 100% ok?

“Yes, of course, I’ve been at home, calm and relaxed. But also in the crash I broke a finger, and this is a problem because it does not bother me in normal life but it might to ride. On Tuesday I tried it with a street bike, but it hurt a lot. It is a small fracture and I hope it doesn’t bother me too much as it’s the index finger of the right hand, which is important for braking.”

What are your thoughts on safety in racing, especially after what happened in F1 with the Jules Bianchi accident?

“I’ve heard that there are riders who have complained about ‘flag-to-flag’ races, and tomorrow we'll talk about that at the Safety Commission meeting. Certainly it is a bit dangerous, especially because often you stay on track with slick tyres on wet asphalt, which is a dangerous situation with our bikes. But let's say ‘flag-to-flag’ is a solution to a problem, not having to stop the race because of rain. If the race was stopped it would be less dangerous, but as I say we'll talk about it tomorrow.”

“With respect to Bianchi, I’m so sorry, because I met him once at Maddona di Campiglio. He is a very nice, young guy with great talent and it is a real shame. He has had very bad luck, because the truck should not have been in the run-off area. It was probably a mistake, because if a crane is working on a run-off area they should stop the race or at least bring out the safety car.”

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