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VideoPass purchase – Rossi feedback better than datalogger says Galbusera reports that Valentino Rossi’s Crew Chief Silvano Galbusera believes that ‘sometimes the nine-time World Champion provides better feedback than a datalogger, as he is able to analyse many facets of the bike at once’.

Galbusera told journalist Mick Fialkowski, "He goes fast, but at the same time he has enough space to understand the bike behaviour and understand everything outside, the tyres, the engine, electronics. Also, during the race he concentrates, but he has to try to think about the bike and switch on different maps or the engine braking. It’s not easy to do that while going fast. Normally when you go fast you’re 100 per cent concentrated on going fast. But he’s using say 90 per cent of his concentration and keeps some room to analyse all the data. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s not normal."

MotoGP, 2014

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