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Marquez on move to Andorra

Marquez on move to Andorra

The MotoGP™ World Champion Marc Marquez explained his move to Andorra on Friday at the press conference ahead of the Superprestigio DTX event in Barcelona, following criticism from some quarters in Spain over his motivations for the change.

Marquez is well-known as very much a family man, regularly training with his Moto3™ World Champion brother Alex and enjoying a close relationship with his parents – with whom he as been living up until now in his home town of Cervera.

But now Marquez is moving to Andorra, which is favoured by many athletes for its natural beauty and the fantastic conditions it offers for training outdoors.

Marquez commented, “Well I’m 21 now and I’ve always been living with my parents, so like many young people I’ve decided to create my own space and my own home. I’ve picked Andorra because I’ve been there many winters and many times during the year. I will continue to be there many winters and much of the time because for physical training it’s an ideal place. Who knows what will happen in the future. I pay my taxes in Spain and will still do so next year.”

“There has been a lot of opinion about this and everyone is entitled to their view, but I think some of the criticism of me has been harsh. As a sportsman you never know how long your career will last. When I was 19 I was almost at the point of leaving motorcycle racing as I had a problem with my vision. Thanks to the doctors I was able to come back to riding. Over the last week I have not felt good so I want to thank everyone who supports me and my family. The only thing I want to do is keep enjoying myself and keep riding my bike.” 

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