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Stoner on assisting HRC preparations for Sepang 1

Stoner on assisting HRC preparations for Sepang 1

Former MotoGP™ World Champion Casey Stoner last week completed a brief test in Sepang with Honda Racing Corporation.

The Australian ex-Grand Prix star explained to what the test had involved and how his work can aid HRC’s technicians as they look to get the most out of their test time on track with current rider  Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa’s bikes at the forthcoming Sepang MotoGP test.

"We had different versions of the 2015 bike so we were back-to-backing a lot of that," explained Stoner. "We had a couple of different components with the forks and then some engine brake and engine mapping settings. Really we were just reconfirming things before the main riders get here. We have fast-tracked a few things so that they understand them a little better before they get on the bike."

On whether he adapts the machinery to suit his own style during testing, Stoner acknowledged that he tries not move the respective Honda prototypes away from the settings preferred by Marquez and Pedrosa. "I basically ride either of their bikes. I just have to adapt to Marc’s bike and chassis and then to Dani’s," he commented.

"Then they’ve got different variations to try and see if they can find something in the middle that is going to be the ideal thing, but generally one guy will always prefer one thing and another guy will prefer another. I always generally prefer one or the other’s bikes a little better but we don’t go chasing set-ups, there is no point doing that."

Stoner, who won the second of his premier class titles with Honda in 2011, also commented on what lies ahead for him with the brand this year. "At the moment our next test is not scheduled until quite a lot later in the season. There’s a couple of other things that we might be doing in the middle and a few events that we will go to, but generally at the moment it is pretty much what we have done here."

He added, "I’m not sure if at the next test it will be continuing on this year’s bike and just changing a few things to make sure that they can clinch the championship, or maybe they will have me moving onto next year’s bike. Dani and Marc don’t really have the time to test so many components especially when they are trying to win a championship. They can’t test the next year’s bike so often." will be providing extensive video coverage from Sepang 1 all week.

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