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Pramac Racing Q&A: The season so far

Pramac Racing Q&A: The season so far

Francesco Guidotti, Pramac Racing's Team Manager, gives us his verdict on their start to the 2015 MotoGP™ World Championship.

The MotoGP™ season has landed in Europe with the Gran Premio bwin de España, therefore it seems a perfect time for Guidotti to reflect on the season so far.

How do you think the first three races of 2015 have gone?
"My current evaluation is pretty positive because, apart from certain events, we have always been able to reach our goal. The beginning of the season was definitely promising and this makes us look at the future positively. Also because the first three races were held in very particular circuits as two of them were basically new as regards to MotoGP. We have run in Argentina only for 2 years and we have been in Austin only three times. Therefore we can say that riders and technical staff are still trying to get familiar with those two circuits, both in terms of performances and in terms of planning. It’s not random that we had to face some surprises both in Austin and in Argentina. Those surprises were mostly on the technical side of thins, and also the management of the bike and of the tires. This will not happen in Europe since years and years of experience made us more confident and prepared. Even for the riders coming back to Europe means a lot because they are more familiar with it. The day itself has a different pace and they have different habits in the motorhome, which look more familiar if compared to the others far from Europe. That’s a big difference that influences also the way everyone handles the tension before the race".

How would you evaluate Danilo Petrucci’s Performance?
“Danilo is the rider who gave us more satisfaction in this first period. Apart from the qualification part in Qatar (where he managed to set the quickest time in Q1) he always has done a good job and in Argentina he even tried to do something more in the qualification. He really confirmed what we expected. He was very good at standing out already in the first part of the season and he even moved very quickly. In fact we expected him to have good results but we didn’t expect him to have them so soon. What should he do now?  Lower the race pace gap by the leading group. This is a goal that doesn’t depend on the final positioning. Hopefully GP after GP he will be able to be closer and closer, in terms of lap time, to confirm the consistency he proved during the first three races.”

What about Yonny?
“It was a hard start for Yonny. But we trust him and I'm pretty sure he will manage to get good results soon. The injury to the shoulder delayed him and forced him to miss the first tests in Sepang but luckily he was good at recovering and he proved to be in a good shape in his debut in Qatar where he did a great job. The weekend in Austin probably was the most difficult for him. He made a mistake during the qualifying that didn’t allow him to go to the Q2 plus during the session he crashed while he looked to have a good feeling the bike. In Argentina instead he proved to have a good race pace. He started off well and recovered some positions and managed to enter the Top 10. His lap times seemed to allow him to have a good race but he was very unlucky since the bike had that problem; we are still analyzing it by the way because we want to understand its cause. Now Yonny will be in Spain that is the country where he lives and he feels at home. We expect a lot from him.”

What would make you happy in Jerez?
“If Danilo continued to improve as he has done so far during the first three races of the season and if Yonny managed to finish the race since he could not over the last 2 races. I would be happy if that happened because anytime he finished a race he had a good result.”



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