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Hernandez Q&A: “We are very close to the limit”

Hernandez Q&A: “We are very close to the limit”

Yonny Hernandez gives us his evaluation of the season so far in a Q&A before the Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya.

After scoring twenty points in the last three races, and finishing inside the top ten in 5 out of 6 races, Yonny Hernandez gives his verdict on the season so far:

How would you assess your season so far Yonny?
I'm satisfied even though I had two consecutive stops in Austin and Argentina where I was very unlucky. In all the other GP I've always managed to stay in the Top 10. And this is the goal of the season.

The most exciting moment?
Probably Le Mans. I got the best result in the season and during the race I was able to lap strong. But the Q1 of Mugello also was really exciting. Being in a fight with Marc Marquez and be able to finish ahead... it's awesome.

The most difficult moment?
There is no doubt: Argentina. Seeing the flames coming out when you're on the straight at nearly 250 km/h is really shocking. Fortunately, nothing happened.

The most difficult rider to overcome?
Lorenzo. But I think the concept "difficult" is not the right one. “Impossible" is better!

The rider who has done better so far?
Lorenzo as well. Because he was able to come back great following the first two races off the podium.

Rate your season.
Ok, I exaggerate: 8. In two races in Austin and Argentina I really have had bad luck.

Where do you need to improve further?
I think I can do better in race pace. And certainly in Q2.

The GP you would run again?
The Grand Prix of Argentina, no doubt.

Over the next six GP is there room for improvement both in terms of performance and results?
I think it's very difficult but we are working well. We are very close to the limit but we want to be able to go even further.


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