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Lowes Interview: “Somebody needs to stop Zarco, don't they?”

Lowes Interview: “Somebody needs to stop Zarco, don't they?”

Sam Lowes chatted exclusively to about his season so far at the official Moto2™ test in Barcelona on Tuesday.

Speed Up Racing’s Lowes is currently third in the Moto2™ World Championship standings, 54 points behind the leader Zarco:

Sam, you finished in an excellent fourth at the Catalan GP, but it didn’t look easy out there. Just how hard was it?
This track is not fantastic for us. I think we did a good job to be honest, because all weekend we struggled a little bit. Then in the race, I led at the start, which was a good feeling because we have worked hard and I love leading the races. To get to the front was nice. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the pace after 6 or 7 laps with the front tyre. Its only my second time here, so there were times when I felt I was not quite where I should be, even though by the race I was quite happy with the results.

You appear to be having to ride your bike so hard compared to your rivals. Is this the case?
I think my bike is good when the settings are perfect, I think we can be the same as them. Their bikes seem to have a better setting more often than me, and I have to work a little bit harder. Having said that I haven’t ridden a Kalex, but maybe if I got on one I would be worse! I don’t think so…but you don’t know.

I feel good! I feel like the team is working hard. I feel like we need to make a step in the next few races, but Assen is fantastic track for me, I love it a lot! Coming off these three fourth-places hopefully I am showing that I can be consistent. Even though I have to ride hard, I am finishing the races, and getting the points and we are up to third in the Championship.

I think if we can make just one step with the bike... and then I just I need to make about three in me, but I know that!! If we can just make the bike easier to ride for 20 odd laps, that would be a massive help.  For one lap, it’s not so bad, as you can always push hard on one lap, but over race distance we just need a bit more consistency. We are getting there. We are just suffering in the last few laps, as I have probably overworked the tyres and myself at that point. If we can just make it a little bit easier, we will be there.

Where will the step come from?
I think we are quite stiff with the bike, so the next step for me could come from the chassis. Whether that will happen I am not too sure to be honest because that’s not easy to do in a season, and its also easy to take a step backwards, and obviously the team don’t want to that. We have been trying a lot with the suspension, and its getting better, WP have been doing a great job.

I think in Assen, a track that I like, I will have a bit more confidence, a bit more belief in myself, and that will help…well at least with half of it!

What’s next for you?
I am going to go to Misano this weekend to watch my brother. I like to go and help him, I mean I don’t know how much I actually can help him *laughs*!

I like to be there, I love Italy and Misano, and we have to race there, so I will get the vibe when I get there! It will actually be good information for me, as its all been resurfaced so I might be able to learn something. Obviously, he is on a different bike, but he has been there last year and this year, so he will be able to tell the difference.

Then, I suppose somebody needs to stop Zarco don’t they? I say that with the greatest respect because I like Zarco. Coming into this paddock from World Supersport...well I wouldn’t exactly say its friendly, and I don’t know many people. Luckily, Furygan and Shark also sponsor Zarco as well as me, so we have done a few things together and he is a nice guy, a good guy!

I respect everyone I race against 100% and as much as I want to beat him, it is nice to see him doing well, especially after last year. Obviously though, we want to stop him! Assen will be the next opportunity to do it, I thought I could at the Catalan GP, but he came good in the race, so hopefully I can turn it around at Assen.

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