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Marquez Blog: Dinner, go-karts, and laughs

Marquez Blog: Dinner, go-karts, and laughs

The win arrived at a key time: just before the summer break…

In his official blog for Marc Marquez reflects on the German GP and looks ahead to the summer break:

Hi everyone,

I’m writing to you from Misano. Some hustle and bustle we’ve got going on here! In barely two days we’ve been through Sachsenring, Prague, and Misano. Always at our usual pace; we live at circuits and airports, but nothing in the way of tourism. We’re here because from tomorrow and, as you all know, we have testing until Friday.

It’s actually very important. It’s important because we have to continue working and improving things on the bike, but at the same time because we arrive with very strong morale. After seeing that we can come back to fight for victories in this World Championship, continuing to evolve is really important.

The win arrived at a key time: just before the summer break. Another half of the season awaits us with many races, and seeing that we can get back to having fun on the bike motivates us a lot for the future. After the victory in Sachsenring we went for dinner with the team. We always do, but after getting back to the top of the podium the dinner was special, we had some really good times!

The team has worked really hard during these last few months and winning again, after Austin, is something that is well deserved. By the way, the menu for the dinner was typical German food, of course!

Afterwards, it was time to drive. With my dad, with my brother, Emilio, Hector, Jose, Luis, and so on, for three hours, to Prague. We got there at one in the morning. The idea was to travel there to catch the day’s only flight to Bologna. Now you see how this never ends, haha!

Yesterday afternoon, in Misano already, some mechanics from the area organized a soiree with go-karts and a dinner, and we had a great time. Some proved to be better at the wheel than others but that was no big deal, the important thing is that it was a great time!

Now it’s time to focus and make sure that the tests tomorrow are as effective and positive as can be.

Question of the week

What do you and your brother do when you’re not working on the MotoGP™ during the summer holidays? Question from Angela Z.

H Angela Z,

The truth is that we don’t have holidays like you guys imagine. It’s barely a few days. For example, this week we have training here in Misano, like I was telling you. Next week we do have some days to rest, but until the 25th (at the latest) we have to give our all to training again. Just think, next week we will be on our way to Indianapolis, so

There’s really no time for holiday!

Best wishes,



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