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Vazquez Q&A: “I have to change my riding style completely”

Vazquez Q&A: “I have to change my riding style completely” caught up with Efren Vazquez to discuss his move to the Moto2™ championship after eight years in the lightweight class.

You were a specialist of the lightweight class with many years experience, but due to age you have to move to the Moto2™ class. Would you have preferred to stay in Moto3™?
“I’m happy to go to Moto2 because we don’t really have a decision about that. Last year I did my last year in Moto3 and now I have the new and positive step in my career. I will give my best during this season and try to learn the most possible during what will for sure be a long 2016 season for me and try to come back to the top in the next years, maybe ’17 or ’18. The first year in Moto2 is more for learning and trying to give my best, we need to work hard with Suter.”

Speaking of your last season in Moto3™, you were among the fastest on a regular basis but you were unable to match your two wins from 2014. What was missing?
“As for my performance in 2015 I am pleased with the regularity, despite not adding to the two wins. I believe that much of it is down to some bad luck we’ve had and that in every race without bad luck, apart from Japan and the UK, we’ve been in the top five, always in the leading group. That means our level was very good. At the same time we failed to score sometimes, in a category like Moto3 you can’t afford that. I did not manage to win but I was on the podium and on the verge of winning. In Montmelo we were about to win and in Germany, for example, Kent won alone and I finished second but a great distance from the rest. The same happened in Austin and Argentina. Nobody had the pace of Kent but I was able to keep second.”

What do you think you will change the most about yourself and your riding style stepping up to the bigger bike?
“I think the biggest difference is maybe the weight and also the power of the bike. I think also the feeling with the tyres will be a big difference, it looks like all the riders in Moto2 have a lot of feeling with the front tyre, they brake very aggressive into the middle of the corner. I maybe need to stop the bike a little better; I have to change my riding style completely. In Moto3 you have to go into the corner really fast and try not to stop the bike a lot. Now the lines will change.”

Recently Suter announced they would not be participating in the Moto2™ World Championship as a constructor, will they be assist you at all or will Ioda, your team, be doing development work?
“Yeah my relationship with Eskil [Suter] comes from some years ago in the past when I was riding in Mahindra but the relationship is really good so they gave me this opportunity. Suter are not in the championship like a constructor but in some ways this is even better for me because I am the only rider who uses Suter for this season so they try to give me 100%. Also I will try to do some development on the new chassis. For this season I have to work really hard to get the best bike for the coming years.”

What is your goal for the season? Just learning or scoring points?
“It’s difficult to know. I think first I have to ride some laps with the bike and see the feeling I have. Then we can discuss that. My first target I think is to try and be as close as I can to the points. That’s the first thing, then if we are strong in the beginning of the season maybe we have to push the target up a bit. At the moment 15th place is what we have to fight for.”

Have you been making any major changes in your training program?
“That’s the thing. I will try during the winter to put on some kilos and grow my muscles more, concentrate on my physical condition and I think now the real work starts in March.”

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