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Vito Ippolito discusses sporting rules and new panel

Vito Ippolito discusses sporting rules and new panel

FIM President Vito Ippolito explains how sporting decisions will be handled with the creation of an independent stewards panel.

Mr Ippolito, President of the FIM , here we are in Geneva after the Grand Prix Commission today. We found out there is going to be a new panel of stewards independent from race direction to make decisions on how to apply penalties to the riders. What can you tell us about this?
“Well we had a meeting in the Grand Prix Commission where Dorna and the FIM, IRTA and the MSMA were involved and we made a lot of important decisions. One of them is regarding the management of the Grand Prix itself and in particular we decided to separate the duties and tasks of Race Direction and the judges, the panel of stewards. We want to let Race Direction focus on managing the races because there are a lot of responsibilities and delicate matters to do. We want to let them be free to manage the race but not to involve them anymore with the task of penalizing riders. It needs more time and special dedication. On the other side we will have the panel of stewards with three stewards, one will be the Race Director themselves because they will be there throughout the season and Grands Prix. It will be the current Race Director who is Mike Webb and two more stewards from the FIM. One of them possibily also a permanent steward as we think with this structure, with this panel of stewards completely dedicated to judge the behaviour of riders during the races and practice, we can achieve a very high level of decisions.”

What sort of rulings can be made by this panel?
“We have a wide range of penalties, enough to let the judge decide which kind of penalty can apply best. This is not a major concern, of course we used during the last few years a penalty point system but right now this is under discussion. We’ll have the final decision as to whether we continue to use that or whether we change it or if we use it at all.”

MotoGP, 2016

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