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Red Flag restart procedure revised

Red Flag restart procedure revised

The procedure for restarting a race after a red flag has been revised to allow the bikes to return to racing sooner.

When a red flag is produced during a race all of the riders will return to pit lane. Once all the bikes and riders have returned to pit lane, there will be a minimum of five minutes waiting time before the pit exit is opened again. When it does open, it will remain so for only 60 seconds, during which the bikes must head out on track.

There will be one sighting lap, during which all bikes must stay in front of the Safety Car. Once the bikes get to the grid, there will be only one mechanic waiting in the allocated grid position. This mechanic will not be allowed to carry any tools.

Unlike before, the rider will keep the engine running once the bike is in its grid position, no tyre warmers can be fitted, and no adjustments can be made. The 30-Second board will signal the mechanics to leave the grid, after which the bikes will head out for the Warm Up lap. Once again, each bike must stay in front of the Safety Car. Following this, the race will be re-started.  

MotoGP, 2016

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