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14 days ago

Marquez Blog: Fight for the top position

In his latest blog Marc Marquez outlines why he thinks the Catalan GP will be so special.

Hi everyone!

The Catalunya GP is soon and racing at home you always have the fans behind you, and you really appreciate it. They can be heard in many parts of the circuit, such as the stadium area, where my fan club is taking care of everything.

This week I’ll have a lot of surprises thanks to them, and you can follow it all on the Fan Club’s social networks! And if any of you are heading to Cervera, you could check out the museum, it’s great. It’s near the circuit, less than an hour away by car.

"The time to race at home has arrived..."

The time to race at home has arrived. As always, it is a really special Grand Prix. My memories of last year’s race are not good, so now I have a good chance to forget it and keep up the good work we have been doing this season.

This circuit has never gone particularly great for me, but despite this, I always try to be optimistic and fight for the best result. It won’t be easy, starting with Friday, but I know that if we do a good job as a team, we’ll get the result we expect on Sunday.

I’ve had a few days to properly prepare myself, but I also had the chance to get away to Ibiza for a day for a promotional event. The summer is almost here… This Thursday we are going to an event at the Honda Safety Institute where we will be giving some tips about road safety. I think we will do quite a good job, hehehe.

As you can see, at this GP there are a lot of additional activities going on, but that makes it all the more special, which is understandable because we are at home. But once the first training sessions start, I assure you that the focus is on one thing only: hard work and the bike’s set-up. That way, we can fight for the top position on Sunday!

Question of the week: (from Maika)
Hi Marc! When you are at the circuit, do you sleep alone or is there someone else there to share the motorhome with you? ¡Gas!

Hi Maika,
I’m staying in the motorhome with my brother, we share it. We’ve each got our own room and to be honest we’re really comfortable.

Best wishes,