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29 days ago

Marquez Blog: Sights set on Brno

In his latest blog, Marc Marquez reflects on a tricky Austrian GP and looks ahead to Brno

Hey everyone!

I’m writing this post from the Czech Republic, right from the circuit. Yesterday, I drove here from Austria, and I have to say it’s a much nicer journey than by plane. It’s just a little over three hours, and as I’ve told you before I’d rather be moving than waiting in an airport… hahaha!

Here’s a photo of me in the Red Bull Ring for you all to take a look at. I like it a lot because of what Doohan means to motorcycling and to our team.

Now back to the GP…the truth is that it was hard for us to adapt and the race wasn’t easy. But coming in fifth and maintaining an advantage in the World Championship is a positive result. Given this, I think we’re on the right track.

Since we have two races in a row so close to one another this week, I decided to spend Monday at the circuit to watch the test session my brother Alex was taking part in. He did his best race in Austria and I’m sure he’ll do even better in Brno.

Now it’s time to focus on the Czech GP, which is a circuit I really like. Also, I feel physically well, despite the fall in Austria. So I’m excited and ready to get things started and get the bike set up.

Hi Marc! What’s your favourite sport to watch in the Summer Olympics? Do you think MotoGP should also be an Olympic sport?

Hi Berylene,
My favourite sport to watch in the Olympics is cycling. I often go cycling and I enjoy watching it a lot. As for MotoGP being in the Olympics, that would be great. For the moment there aren’t any motorsports, and in the near future it doesn’t look like we’re going to have one.

Best wishes,

Marc Marquez