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6 days ago

Twitter Highlights: the flyaways!

Japan, Australia and Malaysia, oh my...the best of the triple-header Twittersphere!

The flyaways are over for another year! We saw history made, two World Champions crowned, a whole lotta weather, and a lot of airports. But let's rewind to that magical time when we were still so excited we couldn't wait (or understand why we had to):

There were a few bumps along the way for some, but the Lavertys can handle anything in style - especially highsides and trips to the hospital.

Fans were eager as ever. And this guy went the whole nine yards:

The most meta 2 minutes in MotoGP™ social media history.

A Champion keeps his feet on the ground...

...and congratulates his rivals

Whatever anti-aging cream Nicky uses, we want some. #ForeverYoung

We knew the #champ hashtags would catch on!!

We asked about "raining cats and dogs"...

...and you answered:

Most accurate tweet of the whole month goes to...

Some just rolled with it:

But spirits couldn't be dampened!


It may have been raining, but dreams were still coming true.


And nightmares were getting put to bed.

History was made with a ninth winner - good things come to those who wait (and work incredibly hard)!

And then it was time for a little celebration...

...before the waiting begins all over again! See you in Valencia!