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#ArgentinaGP: Twitter Highlights

The best of the Twittersphere from round two in the land of tango

It's that time of the post-GP week again, and we've got a few good ones for this round's Twitter Highlights. So off we go!

First off, Jack Miller (Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS) took matters into his own hands this year in getting to Termas de Rio Hondo. But remembering the trip last year and the pan pipes, maybe it was more at the behest of his team and this was just good cover.

Once we arrived, it was Fan Question time in the Press Conference, and they do say you'll love your job if you follow your passion. So it's nice to see Cal is still a fan as well as a rider...

When it was his turn to answer rather than ask, the two-time GP winner had a corker (and we think his response was pretty apt):

VDS were a little early for Texas cowboys, but they have gauchos in Argentina!

They also had rain. And Mahindra decided it was time we got our sh- stuff together:

(We brought this motion and it passed. Please use this. Thanks.)

#MotoGPWeatherWatch2017 (see?) chaos aside, it was anything but chaotic for the Aspar squad in Argentina!

A little before qualifying heroics, though, it was less plain sailing for Marquez. And no, we don't know how he did it either.

We've been trying not to overuse this but after two 1-2s...the time seems right. So let's turn and burn:

On the other hand, Albert Arenas likes to stretch and feel the burn... #riderok!

Last but not least, Vale answers another classic question in the Press Conference. Please keep 'em comin'!

...because it obviously set him up for a good weekend!

That's all from Argentina, with another 1-2 for these guys:

And now, it's on to Texas! Marquez territory and sure to be another classic. Will you be watching? Freya will!