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By Forward Racing Team

Baldassarri: Medical Update

Forward Racing rider remains in hospital under observation but with no cause for concern

After a huge crash in Moto2™ qualifying on Saturday, Forward Racing Team’s Lorenzo Baldassarri spent the night under observation at the “Universitair Medisch Centrum” Hospital in Groningen. His condition is stable and not cuase for concern, although latest x-rays have shown a slight fracture to his right ankle.

At the moment, Baldassarri is waiting for a further medical check-up to determine when he can be released from the hospital.

Dr. Michele Zasa, head of the Clinica Mobile: “The night was stable in terms of vital parameters of the patient without any complications. Obviously, he complained about pain due to the crash and the various contusions he suffered. Apart from that, there weren’t any difficulties. Yesterday in the late evening, he underwent further checks, where they discovered a fracture on his right ankle with the help of an x-ray. The treatment for this will be defined during the next days. For this morning, we have to wait for the doctor to visit him, after which it will be decided if Lorenzo will undergo further exams and if he will have to stay for more hours or more days in the hospital for observation or he will be discharged today.”