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By Marco Simoncelli Foundation

Simoncelli Foundation unveils finished building in Coriano

One year later, foundations laid for a centre for children with disabilities is on the way to becoming a reality

A year on from laying the first stone, the Marco Simoncelli Foundation have unveiled the finished building that will open as a daycare facility for children with disabilities. Expected to open mid-way through 2018, the facility is located in the hometown of the late Marco Simoncelli, Coriano.

Simoncelli Foundation unveils day care centre in Coriano

The idea is one that took root many years ago for Simoncelli’s father Paolo, who wanted to create a space for the children to share and spend time together. The local church has provided the grounds and the city of Coriano was also involved in the project – but the vast majority of the resources come from the incredible contributions made to the Marco Simoncelli Foundation since the number 58 sadly lost his life.

Paolo Simoncelli: “Since last year and the start of the work, we've been making incredible progress and I believe we'll be ready halfway through next year. I'm very happy as things are going very well.

"The idea behind this project comes from a long time ago, I live nearby so I often passed by the old building. When I used to take Marco to school, we could see there was a small van in charge of picking up disabled kids and take them to school. And at some point I thought it would be great if they had a specific space, a centre to spend time together. That’s how the idea was born...Thanks to the Church, who gave the grounds for 100 years, and the city of Coriano, which got involved as well, but above all to the people who've been donating to the foundation since Marco passed away.”