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#AragonGP: Twitter Highlights

Shields up, (phasers on standby), here we go with some Twittersphere gems from Round 14: swim fashion and how to become a meme

The Aragon GP was pure quality once again, and not all the awesomeness was confined to the track. Twitter also had a few moves of its own, so here's the best of Round 14: beginning in the wet, just like the weekend.

The first big headline of the GP, however, belonged to one man...

And ride he did, although it got close out there!

So some people took the necessary precautions.

Those same people were on the front line on Sunday when the fog came in. Gentlemen, we salute you.

As did Scott, who owes a lot to the team/can blame the team for a lot.

And maybe the same is true in reverse? But rubbin's racin' (should that be a double apostrophe?)

Anyway. On Saturday, it was more than a bit of paint was pole position. On pole or not on pole, that was the question...

...and a meme was born.

And reborn.

There was something big at Aragon we found out, too...with the voice of MotoGP calling it a day at the end of the season. So make sure you tune in to hear as much of him as you can before then...

...and we'll and he'll see you at Motegi!