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Marquez and Pedrosa reveal new fairings

The Repsol Honda riders introduced different homologated aerodynamic modifications on Friday

In FP1, Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team) emerged from his pit box at the HJC Helmets Grand Prix de France sporting a new-look aerodynamic fairing on his RC213V. Then, in FP2, teammate Dani Pedrosa was out on track trying a new fairing, one that was different to his compatriot.

New Repsol Honda fairings in Le Mans

After his Spanish GP win, Marquez was busy testing three different fairings around the Circuito de Jerez. Then, when Repsol Honda and a number of other teams visited Mugello prior to the French GP, the reigning World Champion was again testing aerodynamic fairings.

Teams started the season with one fairing option only, which was approved before the first round in Qatar. From there, teams can remove pieces of the fairing as much as they like, as long as it still complies within the rules. In addition, they can homologate a completely different second fairing during the season, as MotoGP™ Technical Director Danny Aldridge explains:

Aldridge discusses fairings for 2018

Pedrosa praised the way the fairing helped prevent the Honda from pulling a wheelie on the exit of the corners. “It’s different because we like different thinks but mainly the biggest difference is the wing for today. I tried the wing on the last run and on this track, with a lot of wheelie, it was a lot of help.”

Marquez also explained the “Type A” fairing he’s currently using, which aims to improve top speed, the wheelie and the turning. “I tried many aero fairings, many different fairings and the best one was this one, we call it type A. It’s more like Yamaha style - it’s not good to say but it looks a bit of another shape,” explained the reigning World Champion.

“It was working well and I’m feeling well. The fairing I’m using now is the same spec as Cal. I was using a smaller one, he was using a bigger one but I’m going more in that direction. The benefit is trying to improve the top speed, the wheelie plus the turning. We’re trying to improve everything. If you compare it with my teammate, he’s using another one but it’s a different size. He’s much smaller, and then he’s able to use a smaller fairing.”