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By Fabio Quartararo

This is MotoGP™: Potential

Fabio Quartararo, one of four rookies this season, gives his thoughts on potential

Just four years ago I arrived in the World Championship with my six Spanish titles. Everyone was comparing me with Marc Marquez. There was a lot of expectation and despite all that, my debut was pretty promising. Second in Austin in only my second Grand Prix, I repeated that at Assen and was regularly in the top ten.

#ThisisMotoGP: Potential

At 16, however, it’s easy to let yourself get swamped by the pressure and that’s exactly what happened to me. To make matters worse, I injured my right ankle in a crash at Misano and that meant I had to sit out five rounds. From then on, everything seemed to get that bit more difficult for me. In 2018, I was able to hit reset and everything went from there. At the start of July, my manager told me we’d been offered the chance to move to MotoGP™. I’d just had two fantastic races and they gave me so much more confidence. I was surprised and excited at the same time, and I also had to keep it quiet. In the end it all worked out and here I am, a MotoGP™ rider! None of this would have been possible without Petronas, Sepang Racing Team, Yamaha and everyone around me. I’m incredibly grateful for the trust they’ve shown me and I hope I can do them proud.

Since I got on the M1 for the first time in Valencia, it’s been a dream come true. My adaptation is far from complete but it’s coming along ‘step by step’ as the mantra always goes! I have no doubt about the potential of this bike and I’m surrounded by great people. And from my side, I’ve worked hard during winter. One thing is clear: I can seem casual, but I’m not lacking in ambition and I’ve learned a lot from the past. I’ll never let pressure get to me again. I may not have been around to see Valentino Rossi’s first title but age isn’t everything in MotoGP™! I want to show you what I’m capable of at 19.

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