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9 minutes ago

Simply unmissable: Tales of Valentino

An exclusive nine-episode feature that deep dives into some of Rossi’s biggest career highlights is coming soon

Tags MotoGP, 2021

You may think you know everything about Valentino Rossi. Think again.

This exclusive nine-episode feature delves deeply into some of Rossi’s biggest career highlights. It’s not a ‘best of’, nor a biography of a World Champion, but an exercise in pulling back the curtain on some of Rossi’s most well-known moments, shedding light on the background and context behind them all, revealing little-known or so far untold vignettes from the career of a legend oft-imitated, but rarely bettered.

Based on the testimony of those who know him best, and with observations from those who competed against him on track, this feature delicately pulls together more than 30 exclusive interviews from all the main players, revealing hitherto unknown tales of an Italian maestro who re-wrote the history books one story at a time.

That makes for nine moments that defined the MotoGP™ Legend's career and made Rossi the Champion he is today. Tales of the exploits of this iconic nine-time World Champion have been told countless times the world over, and in various formats… but never quite like this.

Every practice session, qualifying battle and race, exclusive interviews, historic races and so much more fantastic content: this is VideoPass!