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An understanding of some of the basic rules of MotoGP™ World Championship racing adds to the enjoyment of any viewer watching Grands Prix, whether you are at the track in person or one of the millions keeping up with the action on television.

A full list of the entire FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix rules and codes can be obtained from the FIM’s official website. Below you will find a couple of examples of some of the most important rules.

Les drapeaux sont brandis par les commissaires à plusieurs endroits du circuit et les pilotes doivent impérativement suivre les instructions qui leur sont transmises. Le non-respect des instructions entraîne diverses sanctions : avertissements, amendes, pénalités de ride through, changement de position, pénalités de temps, disqualifications, retraits de points au Championnat, suspensions et exclusions.


The Ride Through Procedure penalty can be imposed on a rider if, for example, they have jump-started and left their starting position before the red lights go off to signal the race has commenced.

During the race, the rider will be requested to ride through the pit lane and may then re-join their fellow competitors on track. Stopping is not permitted and the rider must respect the 60km/h speed limit in pit lane. In case of infraction of this speed limit, the ride through procedure will be repeated and in the case of a second infraction of this speed limit, the black flag signifying disqualification will be shown to the rider.

After notification has been made to the rider’s team that a ride through penalty is being imposed, a yellow board displaying the rider’s numbers will be shown at the finish line and the information will also be displayed on the timekeeping monitors. Failure by the relevant rider to ride through, having been shown the board five times, will result in that rider being shown the black flag.

In any case in which the organization has been unable to carry out the ride through penalty before the end of the race, the relevant rider will be given a time penalty reflecting the ride through time as determined by Race Direction, of which teams will be informed prior to the race.


All races are categorized as either wet or dry by Race Direction (comprising representatives from FIM, IRTA and Dorna) before they start. A board may be displayed on the grid to indicate the status of the race. If no board is displayed, the race is automatically declared dry. The purpose of this classification is to indicate to riders the consequence of varying climatic conditions during a race, which of course affects their choice of tyres.

Agité au poste de commissaire aux drapeaux pendant une course de la catégorie MotoGP uniquement, ce drapeau indique que les coureurs sont autorisés à changer de machine. Seule la Direction de Course peut prendre cette décision.