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MoviStar Honda: Saturday press release

MoviStar Honda: Saturday press release

Daijiro Katoh is ready to enter the lions´ den and fight to winalso the Grand Prix of South Africa.Telefonica MoviStar Honda Japanese rider in fact conquered today the secondimpressive pole of the season (and the sixth one of his career) aftergetting the first one two weeks ago at Suzuka.

At the end of qualifying Daijiro entered his bit box without even beingaware to have beaten his own last year circuit record (1´37.440) of half asecond and to have marked the new 2001 fastest lap of Welkom track in 1´36.938. After staring at everybody of his team congratulating with him,Katoh realised his spectacular result and his small eyes immediately showedall his happiness.

Less glad was his team mate Emilio Alzamora who at second day of qualifyingcould not find a good feeling with his bike and finally classifiedeighteenth. Telefonica MoviStar Honda Spanish rider will debut at SouthAfrican Grand Prix with his NSR from fifth row and will hard try to make aperfect start.

Daijiro Katoh #74 - Honda NSR 250
Best lap: 1´36.937
Position: 1st
´I´m so delighted with this pole position. Yesterday I was not completelysatisfied with my result and so today I absolutely wanted to do better andabove all to concentrate for race. It was very important to find a good setup and also my main aim was to get a constant pace and not just thinkingabout doing one single fast lap. We worked well and I succeeded in runningwith a regular rhythm and that´ s gives me a boost for tomorrow´.

Emilio Alzamora #7 - Honda NSR 250
Best lap: 1´38.938
Position: 18th
´During morning free practice I went faster than at qualifying.Unfortunately this afternoon I could feel my bike well and even if Iimproved compared to yesterday, other riders improved as well, so there wasnothing to do. I still have some problems in entering fast corners, but Iknow we still have tomorrow morning to work for. I believe that during therace I will be able to go faster than today. Anyway, I need to do a goodstart to gain immediately positions´.

250cc, 2001, Gauloises Africa's Grand Prix, QP1

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