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Team Telefonica MoviStar Honda

Team Telefonica MoviStar Honda

Daijiro Katoh took fifth brilliant victory of the season at Catalunya Grand Prix after struggling all race long with Harada. TelefonicaMoviStar Honda Japanese rider, leading for 20 laps out of 23 totally, showed one more time to have great talent and a big capacity of keeping concentrated always, no matter if in a difficult or easy situation. Katoh set the fastest lap and pole position ever of Montmelò circuit yesterday and today slightly increased his advantage over Harada at world championship classification. Now he´s leading 250 class with 10 points gap, but he does not think about ranking. It is not even the middle of the Championship yet and Daijiro´s target is to do his best at every race, he isnot interested in points indeed. Team mate Emilio Alzamora finished seventh at home Grand Prix suffering for left arm pain after yesterday´s crash.

Daijiro Katoh #74 - Honda NSR 250

Position: 1st - ´At the beginning of the race Harada was leading and when I passed him I realised immediately that he was faster than me at the last corner. I stayed first almost all race long except when I made a mistake in braking and Harada overtook me. I overcame him again and I was in away expecting him at the last lap. When during the last lap I didn´t see him attacking I knew that he would try hard to do it at the last corner, but I shut him the door and I won! It was a tough race and I´m very happy I won it!´

Emilio Alzamora #7 - Honda NSR 250

Position: 7th - ´I believe this was quite a pretty good race for me, as I was able to stay with leading group until the seventh lap. After that, in fact, my injured arm started to hurt and I could not go on pushing and keeping fast pace. I also had some problems with rear tyres which were sliding a bit. This morning I got some injections against the pain, but finally it was impossible for me to end the course as I would have liked to. I was really aiming to do a splendid race at my home Grand Prix. Seventh is not a bad result, but next time I´ll try to do better.´

Fausto Gresini - Team manager

´It was a very difficult race and Katoh has proved to have an extraordinarytemperament worthy of a big champion. He was able to stay in front position all race long and despite Harada had this way the chance to study him, Daijiro did not allow him to pass and made a perfect last lap. Emilio, after taking good start, got may be slightly influenced by yesterday´s crash and so became less incisive especially in the final part. He madeanyway a good result, he´s been increasing his experience in 250 class race after race.´

Angel Nieto - general manager

´What a fantastic race! It was hard but beautiful! Aprilia machines have improved a lot, so it was not easy at all. but Katoh has a great riding style and knows perfectly what he wants. Also Emilio was very fast at the beginning, but when tyres get used, he still doesn´t have a good experience. Anyway, I´m sure he will be soon up the front.´

250cc, 2001, Gran Premi Marlboro de Catalunya, RAC

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