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Repsol YPF Honda

Repsol YPF Honda

Alex Crivillé suffered two heavy crashes in the second qualifying session for the German Grand Prix. On both occasions, the Repsol YPF Honda rider went down in the same corner, a fast righthand turn which the 500 riders negociate in fifth gear, a section before a sharp drop that leads to the final corner before the start and finish straight. In the first incident, Crivillé got knocked off the track by Loris Capirossi who went inside him too hard, a fall that fortunately was without any consequences. The second crash happened at the same spot of the track during Crivillé's last fast lap in the session. Crivillé suffered concussion, and even though he is conscious and he is recovering well, the medical crew on the circuit decided to play it safe and transfer him to the hospital of Chemnitz for a thorough examination.

Tohru Ukawa 14º - 1´27.45530 laps, 111 Km

´I improved my times from yesterday by almost half a second, but that wasn´t enough because there are thirteen riders ahead of me. Eleven out of them went faster than 1.27´´ which was my target too, but I missed it. My team improved the behaviour of my bike, but we still can´t get rid of the front end chatter, a problem that doesn´t allow me to safely push hard in the corners. I think that race pace will be in the low 1.27´s tomorrow. In the warm-up session tomorrow morning, we will try some more changes on the suspension set-up, and I can only hope that they will work out in the race. This is a twisty and difficult circuit, and if I don´t have a good set-up tomorrow, it will be impossible to match the pace of the front runners.´

Alex Crivillé 15º - 1´27.64823 laps, 85 Km

´I don´t remember much, neither from the first nor from the second crash. The second one happened in turn twelve, the righthander before the downhill section, and our data recording shows that while I kept the throttle open, the rear wheel started to spin at a point where the bike is at full lean angle. Just after that, the bike went sideways and threw me over the handlebars. I´m a bit shaken up, but fortunately I didn´t break anything. Until the first incident with Loris Capirossi, practice had gone the normal way, and we were working on solving our front end chatter problem. Loris showed up in our garage after the session to say sorry. These things can happen in racing, it´s something you just have to accept.´

500cc, 2001

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