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Telefonica Movistar Honda: Katoh on the front row again

Telefonica Movistar Honda: Katoh on the front row again

SACHSENRING - Daijiro Katoh rode fast and with constant pace all through thesecond official qualifying session of German Grand Prix and kept the lead upto one minute to go, when he found so much traffic on the track that he hadto stop pushing and could not improve his lap time anymore. Finally Haradatook the pole, Melandri got second and Telefonica MoviStar Honda Japanesehero was third fastest and tomorrow will start for the seventh time thisyear from front row. Championship leader Katoh found a good set up for hisNSR250 and now feels confident to do another good race tomorrow.

Less happy was Spanish team mate Alzamora who crashed out three minutesbefore the chequered flag and so could not go on riding and trying toimprove his performance.Emilio finally ended ninth and tomorrow will start the German Grand Prixfrom the first position of third row.

Daijiro Katoh #74 - Honda NSR 250

Best lap:Position: 1st

´Too much traffic and too many slow riders in front of me at the end ofsession I could not slow down my lap time. Already yesterday we triedseveral tyres and this afternoon I could ride all the qualifying long withrace tyres and with a very constant rhythm, so I´m very satisfied, I guesswe did a good job, considering the result I scored. Meaning that I´m sure Ican do well tomorrow. Honestly I don´t care that much about lap time but Irather concentrate in finding a correct set up for race. Today I made it andI feel confident for tomorrow, despite I know it will be has beensince the beginning and I´m used to´

Emilio Alzamora #7 - Honda NSR 250

Best lap: 1´27.982Position: 9th

´Unfortunately I crashed three minutes before the end of session, as Iopened throttle too early while going out a corner and the back of mymachine threw me to the ground. I luckily didn´t get injured, so I feel okand I´m just disappointed because I could not take the most out of the lastminutes to low down my lap time and reach second row. Anyway, I rode quiteregularly today, so I guess tomorrow it will be important to take a goodstart and fight as usual not to loose the contact with the leading group´.

500cc, 2001

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