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Proton Team KR: Jurgen preserves perfect points score in Germany

Proton Team KR: Jurgen preserves perfect points score in Germany

Jurgen van den Goorbergh - 14th Position

Proton Team KR rider Jurgen van den Goorbergh preserved his record of scoring points in every round so far in today´s German GP, claiming a close 14th position after a troubled weekend left him still debating the choice of engine - let alone tyres and suspension settings - on race day.The Dutchman raced the brand new Big Bang motor, even though this sacrificed some top speed, in the interests of future development for the remainder of the season. During the two days of qualifying, he had tested both the conventional motor and the new one - but circumstances conspired to leave the choice far from clear cut.In the end, the team and rider came to a joint decision to persevere with the slower but ultimately more promising new engine, and Jurgen spent almost the full 30 laps of the short and twisty 3.704km Sachsenring circuit battling with the factory V4s of Noriyuki Haga and Jose Luis Cardoso, crossing the line inches behind the pair after being out-powered on the final straight.The German GP was the ninth race of the 16-round World Championship. The next race is five weeks away, after the summer break, and the team plan further tests of the brand new close-firing-order motor before the next round at Brno in the Czech Republic.


We decided to use the Big Bang mainly to get some information. It was a good decision from that point of view, but not for the race. The new engine is a lot slower at the top end than the conventional engine - from 11,000rpm it just doesn´t have that extra push. We tried this morning to improve the situation with some different exhausts, but in fact it worked the other way. It made for a hard race - but at least we did get plenty of data, and the new motor ran throughout without any trouble. I´d been ahead of Cardoso in the closing laps and I was fighting with Haga, but without the top speed I couldn´t resist on the last lap. We need to get the new engine to match the horsepower of the conventional engine. But I´m happy to finish in the points again to keep that record up.

TOM O´KANE - Development Engineer

We know we are somewhere near the full potential of the conventional engine, but we have a lot more to learn about the Big Bang. We hope it will have a better potential in the end over a race, with less vibration and other advantages. With the position we were in, we made a collective decision that it was definitely worth a try today. We´ll have to do some more testing before the next race, and find out how to get some more out of the new crankshaft configuration.

500cc, 2001

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