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Telefonica Movistar Honda: Katoh second at German Grand Prix

Telefonica Movistar Honda: Katoh second at German Grand Prix

SACHSENRING - It was a close battle since the very beginning the GermanGrand Prix of 250 class and potential candidates to victory were the ´usual´lions and Telefonica MoviStar Honda Japanese little fellow.Daijiro finally got second at Sachsenring after a fiery battle with Apriliaadversaries. He took a great start and immediately passed from third tofirst position, but already at the end of lap 1 Harada and Melandri overtookhim and Katoh kept following them setting many times the fastest lap time.It was a continuous swapping each other and when 6 laps to go he passedMelandri and took the lead he pushed hard to reach the chequered flag infirst position but he finally made a mistake and the Italian won the race infront of him.

If part of team Telefonica MoviStar Honda was pleased for Katoh´s secondplace, which made his advantage at world Championship ranking bigger, theother one could not enjoy the race completely, since Spaniard EmilioAlzamora crashed out during the seventh lap, luckily with no injure, andfinished his run at Sachsenring after few minutes.

Tomorrow Katoh will fly again to Japan to get ready for Suzuka 8 Hoursscheduled on 5th of August.

Daijiro Katoh #74 - Honda NSR 250Position: 2ndTime: 42´37.748

´When you lead the race there is always at least a rider who is chasing youand following, ready to pass you as soon as you give him the chance, At thelast lap I made a mistake, I went too long and Melandri took advantage ofit. I knew anyway he would come fast to overtake me and since he was behindme he definitely had it easier than me in front. Ok, I classified second,and people can think it´s a good result for the Championship, but Ipersonally think it is still early to think about it, we still have manyraces left and it is more important to fight at maximum race by race.Finally, if I have to be honest I enjoyed today´s race, but I´m not happywith the position, because my main aim is to win every race and this time Ididn´t make it´.

Emilio Alzamora #7 - Honda NSR 250Crashed out

´I´m angry, because I was riding very comfortable and I was determined toopen throttle and fight with the leading group, but I lost the front inentering a corner and I crashed out without even realise I was on theground. On the one hand it´s a pity, as I could have followed the fastestriders and push till the end for podium, but on the other one I´m happy,because I know I had a fast pace today and this means that I´ve improved´.

Fausto Gresini - Team manager

´We cannot always win, can we? This is a difficult track where experiencecan also make the difference and the second place Daijiro got is ok, weconquered 20 more points and this is very important for the Championship, weneed to think about it as well, since it is not possible we win every race.I´m rather a little bit disappointed for Emilio´s crash, as I´m convinced hecould have done a great race if he had the chance to continue´.

Angel Nieto - General manager´It was a difficult race today and may at the end Katoh did not expectMelandri to be so close to him. The Italian was very fast today, but asecond place was good anyway for the Championship. We are still leading withover 40 points advantage. I´m for sure sorry for Emilio, who crashed, but wewill keep on working hard´.

250cc, 2001, Cinzano Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland, RAC

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