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Hungarian is the cat amongst the pigeons on provisional 125 grid

Hungarian is the cat amongst the pigeons on provisional 125 grid

Looking down the classification at the end of the first qualifying session here in Brno, everything looks as it should be; Ui, Sanna, Ueda, Cecchinello, Elias and the other usual suspects are all there. However on closer inspection, there is a rogue entry in fifth place. A name rarely mentioned in any coverage of the smallest GP class. Yet today he managed to drastically improve on his best result ever, and after making provisional fifth on the grid caught up with Gabor Talmacsi, the Hungarian hope in Grand Prix racing. How does today´s ride into provisional fifth make you feel?

Gabor Talmacsi: I am extremely happy, that is simply the best result of my life! This is like my home Grand Prix really. It´s the closest one anyway to Budapest, and all my family have come down to support me, as well as a few Hungarian fans, so it´s great to have done that here.

Q: How does such a leap in performance come about?

A: Before there had been a bit of a money problem and the suspension wasn´t so great. Now we are okay on that front and the suspension was really good, not perfect, but getting that way. The all round setting is so important on these bikes and I am still learning, but today I´d say that a good setting was what did it.

Q: How did you feel while you were making those consistently quick laps?

A: I believed in the bike. It´s not the best engine out there, because it´s not an official engine, but I am confident in its ability. We have a lot of work to do on it, but I noticed today that I could keep up with Poggiali and he wasn´t getting away from me, which is really good for my confidence. I feel physically fit after the summer and I am not tired after today, I am feeling really strong.

Q: What about in tomorrow´s qualifiers and the race, can you keep this level of performance up?

A: I am certain that I can go faster than that. Today I got caught up in a lot of traffic whenever I was going quick, so when I get clear I will be quicker.

Q: What´s the support from Hungary like?

A: Motorsport isn´t that big in Hungary, but the support that is there is great, and growing constantly, just like the amount of sponsors we are getting. Results like today can only help. There´ll be no problems in the future, I´ve not got too much experience now, but I´m learning all the time from everyone I speak to. If you look at the results they keep getting better. I´m beginning to understand the set-up process much better too, so despite it being a difficult living at the moment, it can only get better.


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